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Here at North Family Counseling, we are here for our community! We are a group of skilled counselors who are passionate about working with families.


We do not shy away from dealing with what needs to be addressed, and we are available to work with whole families, couples, or individuals of any age who need to process trauma, heal from addictive cycles, deal with ongoing anxiety and depression, or reconnect in relationships. 

Family Counseling

Whether it's the whole family, sibling relationships, parenting, or extended family, we are available to help families thrive and grow together! We are here for you.

Young Family
Sunset Over Forest

Couple's Counseling

We work with couples who need direction, hope, reconnection, and change. You may not see it, but things can always get better. Whether you are new to marriage or completely at the end of your rope, we are here to help.

Teen Counseling

The stress, anxiety, depression, and addictive behavior present in our children's lives is hard for many parents to deal with. We work with teens who have experienced difficulty, need direction, or are at the end of their rope.

Teenage Boy on Mobile Phone
Father Playing with Daughters

Play Therapy/ Kids Counseling

Kids need help too, and sometimes, we as parents simply don't know quite what to do. We have staff that work directly with kids to help in a safe, responsive, and fun way. Come meet us to learn more.

Trauma/Grief Counseling

Trauma robs you of your sense of self leadership; of the feeling like you are in control of your internal and external reactions. We can help you get unstuck!

Thinking Man on Couch
Image by Krists Luhaers

Phase of Life

There are so many decisions these days that were not always a part of life. We move locations, shift relationships, and change carrer trajectories more than any generation in history. We are here to help simplify and clarify the chaos!

Sexual Addiction Recovery

Managing your behavior alone is a lonely road. The opposite of addiction isn't sobriety, it's connection. We are here to help you or your loved one reconnect to what matters.

Lone Walk
Sitting on Balcony

Day Long Intensives

There are times when a "surgical" approach is needed before or during the therapuetic process. At North we provide day long (5 hr) intensives around family crisis or experienced trauma.

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