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About Us

We are not a group of stoic professionals waiting to overanalyze you. We are real people who want to come alongside those that do not want to be stuck anymore. Each of us here at North has our own experiences that lead us into this type of work, and we firmly believe that people heal and change in relationship. 


Because of this, and each of our professional training and education, we seek to develop a real, honest, and transformative relationship with our clients.

Who We Are

We know how important it is to find the right counselor; someone you can connect with, enjoy, and trust to direct you or your loved ones towards change. We know because we have all gone through this surprisingly difficult search ourselves. 

So we want to be upfront with you. We are an excellent group of counselors who take the work of entering into others lives seriously. We simply like to remain ourselves doing it. 


We are not stoic clipboard holding professionals who stare at you quietly; we are not value pushing know-it-alls who have a clear agenda; we are real people who have gone through a great deal of training and life experience to help direct you or the ones you love towards change and healing. 

The best way to find out if we can really help you the way we think we can is to come meet us for free. We give of our time in this way to remove the guess work! 

Call Today 719 - 313 - 5846

Image by Jessica Rockowitz

What Makes Us Who We Are

We truly care. What’s unique about the team we’ve developed is that you are unlikely to find a more naturally warm and engaging team of professionals. We like to say that we are born in relationship, we are harmed in relationship, and we ultimately heal in relationship. This is an area that we strive to be set apart. We genuinely care about the people that step into our office, and do all we can to honestly connect, giving those we work with the opportunity to heal and change.

We do not like cookie cutter approaches. Just because something worked for one person, couple, or family does not mean that it will yield the same result with everyone. Additionally, each of us here at North have experiences that have led us to this work, and these experiences paired with our education and study have equipped us to meet others where they are at in an individually tailored way.

We address issues as a team. Because we are a group, we are able to work collaboratively as opposed to isolated, and consistently draw on one another’s expertise and strength to inform our care and practice while maintaining your confidentiality. 

We are able to employ and utilize all sources of information. We work outside insurance so that we can collaborate with you as the client rather than your managed health care provider, allowing for increased confidentiality, use of most current and up to date methodology, and a willingness to work at your pace, on your schedule, for your sake.

We are holistic, and we work with the brain, body, and mind in the healing of trauma, depression, addiction, anxiety, family crisis or distress, etc. We are well trained and able to employ a multiplicity of approaches in truly getting to the heart of what is going on for you or your loved ones. 

We wholeheartedly believe in what we do and how we do it. We have taken the time to evaluate approaches to counseling we found to be less effective, and we take the time to work with you and your loved ones to make things right. Since we do not like when people get stuck in counseling, we seek to understand fully, engage honestly, and effectively help to change things so that you can live as intended.

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