Reconnecting to What Matters

Take Your Step Towards Change

Here at North Family Counseling we are here for our community! We are a group of skilled counselors who are passionate about working with families. We do not shy away from dealing with what needs to be addressed, and we are available to work with whole families, couples, or individuals of any age who need to process trauma, heal from addictive cycles, deal with ongoing anxiety and depression, or reconnect in relationship

We Help All Members of Your Family Thrive


Whether it's the whole family, sibling relationships, parenting, or extended family, we are here to help families thrive and grow together! We are here for you.


Trauma robs you of your sense of self leadership; of the feeling like you are in control of your internal and external reactions. We can help you get unstuck!

Anxiety & Depression

Depression is not just a chemical imbalance, it is an expression of grief, either grieving that life is not as it should be or we have lost connections we still need. 

Marriage Counseling

We work with couples who need direction, hope, reconnection, and change. You may not see it, but things can always get better. Whether you are new to marriage or completely at the end of your rope, we are here to help.

Addiction & Habit Change

We all have behaviors that we would like to have greater control over. Whether it's food, porn, gaming for your teen, or over screen use, we work towards reconnecting  you and the ones you love to healthy ways of getting needs met.

Kids & Teens Services

The stress, anxiety, depression, and addictive behavior present in our children's lives is hard for many parents to deal with. We are a skilled group of professionals with experience helping parents and their children reconnect


Stacia Littlefield MA. LPC.


Dr. Timothy Heck Ph.D. LMFT.


Elisha Wisener MA. LMFT.

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Corinne Koumis MA. LPCC.


Lindsay Barker MA. LPCC.

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Marty M. Witzel MA, LMFT.


M. Max Ziegenhagen MA. LMFT.


Adeola Quintero MA. MFTC.


Luke Tilden LPCI


Chelsea Ziegenhagen BA.

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Megan Keyes LPCI

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Andrew Koumis LPCI


Cherise Davis BA.

What Clients Are Saying...

Female Couples Client

"I have referred friends and family to North Family Counseling because, as a client, you will be treated with discretion, you will not feel self-conscious, and you will absolutely not regret the decision to improve all facets of your life."

Parents of Teenagers

“In a short time, our experience with North Family Counseling helped us feel empathy and understanding in our family, and helped us develop better ways of engaging our teenage son as he fought with depression and suicidal thoughts.” 

Client Experiencing Anxiety

"While at North Family Counseling, I have developed effective ways to communicate with those I care deeply about, have worked through my fears and let go of anxiety, and learned to settle into a newfound routine of peace and joy."


Ready to Take the First Step?

We are conveniently located just before I-25 and North Academy meet, and since we want you to make the best decision possible, we provide a free consulation to meet our counselors in person! Schedule yours today.