The North Family Team

We know how important it is to find the right counselor; someone you can connect with, enjoy, and trust to direct you or your loved ones towards change. We know because we have all gone through this surprisingly difficult search ourselves. 

So we want to be upfront with you. We are an excellent group of counselors who take what we do, entering people's lives and all, very seriously. We simply like to remain ourselves doing it. 


We are not stoic clipboard holding professionals who stare at you quietly; we are not value pushing know it alls who have a clear agenda; we are real people who have gone through a great deal of training and live experience to help you navigate life that has become increasingly disconnected and lonely. 

The best way to find out if we can really help you the way we think we can is to come meet us for free. We give of our time in this way to remove the guess work! 

Thoughtful, Determined, Warm & Comforting

Jenny Hazlett MA, LPCC.

Counselor, Ongoing Learner With Unending Commitment

When people first meet Jenny they are struck by how warm and comforting she is. She is both welcoming and engaging, and she knows her stuff. There is just a lightness about her that helps people she works with feel comfortable and able to share even the most difficult experiences. 

She is our calming place as a staff, and we trust her fully. No matter what comes at her, she handles it with confidence and clarity, and her instincts are second to none. In a word, Jenny is awesome.

As we’ve gotten to know Jenny, we have been consistently encouraged by her level of care for her clients and her work. She is constantly learning, and if her door is not closed you can normally see her pouring over books or listening to seminars to further develop her craft. 

Present, Engaged, Direct & Perceptive

Rory Cohen MA. LMFT.

Marriage & Family Therapist, Able To Deal With The Difficult

It is a joy to have Rory on staff. Max and Rory worked together for a period of time back in California, and have reunited to help serve our community here in the Springs. 

Simply stated, Rory is a pleasure to be around, personally and professionally. He is as consistent as he is kind, and he notices the details, allowing him the ability to interact in a way that elicits change in a non-confrontational, inviting manner. 

He's excellent at evaluating for what is accurate and encouraging what is needed. He works with couples, families, and individuals who find themselves stuck and need to get back in touch with what matters most in life. 


Engaging, Honest, Constructive & Clear

Dr. Timothy Heck Ph.D. LMFT.

Marriage & Family Therapist, Directive in All He Does

Dr. Tim is the kind of guy you want to have around. He brings himself into this work in a way that many professionals find difficult, and his passion to help others is tangible in all he does. 

He is driven, and engages couples and individuals in need with a similar drive. With a lifetime of skill, experience, education, and expertise, Dr. Tim is called on to speak and serve his community frequently, and allows his level of competency to affect change with those he works with. 

He is a pleasure to be around, and his joy in life and his sense of peace is a tangible reality as you interact with him. With over 29 years of experience, decades of study in both psychology and theology, and his own experiences of pain, he is well suited to help others who are struggling, and has a particular gifting in practically guiding couples towards wholeness in their relationship.


Genuine, Heartfelt, Present, & Creative

Stacia Littlefield MA, LPCC.

Counselor, Excellent Communicator Who is Authentically Present

There honestly is just an authenticity to Stacia. She’s soothing and approachable, and demonstrates a level of knowledge and expertise beyond her years. She seems to simply understand relationship, and because she remains herself in all she does, she’s present and available throughout the process of therapy.


From day one, we have experienced her attention to detail and her level of understanding. She takes the time to truly know the people in front of her, and we love that she is fully present in what you does professionally and personally. 

Her natural desire to grow, learn, and engage with new information and experiences lends itself to this profession. We find her an absolute pleasure to work with, and so will you. 

She puts her whole heart into this work.


Direct, Calm, Honest & Bold

M. Max Ziegenhagen MA, LMFT 

Marriage & Family Therapist, Owner of North Family Counseling

Max has a way of making people feel loved and valued, which can go a long way in family therapy and trauma work. He is just smart, and often thinks in ways that are unique and out of the box.


There is a freshness to the work he does. He works with people as they are, rather than what they should be or could be. We think the reason for this is that he actually cares, which in and of itself can feel unique. 

Sometimes his way of doing things can catch you off guard, as he will often say what we know needs to be said but is rarely heard. He takes what he does seriously, and really does not want people to get stuck, especially in the help they receive. 


He has the ability to say what is true with a level of warmth and care that allows it to be heard. 


Kind, Precise, Thoughtful & Clear

Chelsea Ziegenhagen BA

Administrative Director & Interior Decorator

Chelsea is the reason the office is so beautiful. We like to say she made the space therapeutic in the way the counselors make the relationships so.


She holds down the administrative fort, and she is excellent at it. She frees all of us to do what we all do best so that we can care for and be with the clients we serve. She is like magic.


We are excited that you get to interact with her. because she is kind, thoughtful, and clear. Since she took on these responsibilities, clients consistently report a pleasant and confusion free welcome to North Family Counseling. 

Give her a call or email and experience a seamless transition into enjoying the help you have been looking for! 


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