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The North Family Team

We know how important it is to find the right counselor; someone you can connect with, enjoy, and trust to direct you or your loved ones towards change. We know because we have all gone through this surprisingly difficult search ourselves. 

So we want to be upfront with you. We are an excellent group of counselors who take the work of entering into others lives seriously. We simply like to remain ourselves doing it. 


We are not stoic clipboard holding professionals who stare at you quietly; we are not value pushing know-it-alls who have a clear agenda; we are real people who have gone through a great deal of training and life experience to help direct you or the ones you love towards change and healing. 

The best way to find out if we can really help you the way we think we can is to come meet us for free. We give of our time in this way to remove the guess work! 


Comforting, Deliberate, Peaceful & Clear

Marty M. Witzel, MA, LMFT, EMDR

Marriage & Family Therapist, A Consistent and Caring Guide

When people first meet Marty they are struck by how warm and comforting she is. She is both welcoming and engaging, and she knows her stuff. There is just a lightness about her that helps people she works with feel comfortable and able to share even the most difficult experiences. 

She is a calming presence to the staff and her clients alike, and she demonstrates consistency in all she does. 

She appreciates structure and strategy, and works with her clients with a sense of purpose and direction, leading them thoughtfully towards change and healing.

Marty is incredibly well trained, in addition to being genuinely gifted in this line of work. Whatever your need may be, Marty can help. 


Passionate, Invested, Vibrant & True

Lindsay Barker, MA, LPCC

Counselor, Able to Connect with Anyone

Not only can Lindsay connect with anyone, she genuinely cares about the person in front of her. Her own willingness to navigate the difficult things in life puts her in the position to engage those that come into her office with kindness, empathy, and direction. 

She has a presence you want to be around, and her enjoyment of what she is wired to do is tangible. 

She is a breath of fresh air in what can be a difficult process, and we as a team love how she makes the mundane enjoyable. 

Her lack of fear and tenacious drive serve as a guide in seeking opportunity for growth, change, and healing in the lives of those she works with, and her willingness to stop, listen, and honestly respond make her truly called to this work. 

We are excited for you to meet her. 


Engaging, Honest, Constructive & Clear

Dr. Timothy Heck, Ph.D., LMFT

Marriage & Family Therapist, Directive in All He Does

Dr. Tim is the kind of guy you want to have around. He brings himself into this work in a way that many professionals find difficult, and his passion to help others is tangible in all he does. 

He is driven, and engages couples and individuals in need with a similar drive. With a lifetime of skill, experience, education, and expertise, Dr. Tim is called on to speak and serve his community frequently, and allows his level of competency to affect change with those he works with. 

He is a pleasure to be around, and his joy in life and his sense of peace is a tangible reality as you interact with him. With over 29 years of experience, decades of study in both psychology and theology, and his own experiences of pain, he is well suited to help others who are struggling, and has a particular gifting in practically guiding couples towards wholeness in their relationship.


Intuitive, Authentic, Personal, Smart

Adeola Quintero, MFTC

Marriage & Family Therapist Candidate, Naturally Equipped

Adeola's intuition makes her an invaluable asset. She just seems to know things; about people and experiences she is put in contact with. 

She enters interaction with confidence and humility, and tends to engage in a way that allows clients and clinicians alike to feel heard, understood and valued. 


She chooses her words carefully, and her thoughtfulness is a noticeable strength in the process of caring for anyone coming into to meet with her. Adeola is directive yet intentional, and does not fill the space with anything unnecessary. 

We are proud to have her as a part of our team. 


Genuine, Heartfelt, Present, & Creative

Stacia Littlefield, MA, LPC

Counselor, Excellent Communicator Who is Authentically Present

There honestly is just an authenticity to Stacia. She’s soothing and approachable, and demonstrates a level of knowledge and expertise beyond her years. She seems to simply understand relationship, and because she remains herself in all she does, she’s present and available throughout the process of therapy.


From day one, we have experienced her attention to detail and her level of understanding. She takes the time to truly know the people in front of her, and we love that she is fully present in what you does professionally and personally. 

Her natural desire to grow, learn, and engage with new information and experiences lends itself to this profession. We find her an absolute pleasure to work with, and so will you. 

She puts her whole heart into this work.


Warm, Strategic, Collaborative & Encouraging

Elisha Wisener, MA, LMFT 

Marriage & Family Therapist, Leaves No One Behind

Elisha is a joy ot have on our team because of her unmistakable ability to effect change in the lives of her clients and colleagues. With extensive training, she rounds out our team as a couples and family therapist who loves to work with those who feel stuck. 

Her natural ability to see into your experience and quickly understand what is going on allows her to strategically shift experience towards health and wholeness while maintaining a collaborative relational stance. 

In the simplest sense, she embodies what we believe it means to walk along side others towards change. 

We are excited for you to work with her and experience clarity, direction, understanding, and hope. 


Clear, Compassionate, Kind, Articulate

Corinne Koumis, MA, LPCC

Counselor, Pursues Real Change & Healing

Corinne is able to articulate herself in a way that is clear and direct while remaining authentic and kind, which is a skill that allows her to direct clients towards real change & growth. 

She is simply kind, and her heartfelt passion shines through in all that she does.

She brings a fresh perspective to our group along with a sense of warmth and direction to all who have the pleasure of meeting her.


Her varied experience and background puts her in the position to consider problems from every angle and provide clients with a level of care that is unique. She is directive, sincere, and wants people to have the opportunity to experience life free of the challenges that brought them to her office. 

We know you or your loved one will be better for meeting Corinne.


Direct, Calm, Honest & Bold

M. Max Ziegenhagen, MA, LMFT

Marriage & Family Therapist, Owner of North Family Counseling

Max has a way of making people feel loved and valued, which can go a long way in family therapy and trauma work. He's just smart, and often thinks in ways that are unique and out of the box.


There is a freshness to the work he does. He works with people as they are, rather than what they should be or could be. We think the reason for this is that he actually cares, which in and of itself can feel unique. 

Sometimes his way of doing things can catch you off guard, as he will often say what we know needs to be said but is rarely heard. He takes what he does seriously, and really does not want people to get stuck, especially in the help they receive. 


He has the ability to say what is true with a level of warmth and care that allows it to be heard. 

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Honest, Whole, Caring & Real

Megan Keyes LPCI

Professional Counselor Intern

Hospitality is defined as the friendly and generous reception of others into ones space and life. Megan exemplifies hospitality in all that she does. She shows up for people, and is generous in her empathy, kindness, and willingness to connect. 

Her experiences outside of the therapy room have equipped her to work with clients from all walks of life, and she brings herself into this work with a fresh and energetic desire to see change in difficulty and hope restored. 

She is a life long learner and pours herself into understanding what makes people work. 

She makes our office brighter and our relationships closer simply by being a part of North Family Counseling Team. We know she will do the same for you.


Thoughtful, Open, Heartfelt & Present

Luke Tilden LPCI

Professional Counselor Intern

Luke is thoughtful, clear, and honest in his approach to relationship. Having taken the time to consider his own life and experience, he brings a raw presence to his work that is therapeutic in and of itself. 

It can be difficult to find someone who will truly listen, seek to understand, and hold your story & life with an openness that allows you to work through and deal with what is needed. 

The simplest way to put it is that Luke cares, and will do what he can to help. He has wisdom and insight, and is forthcoming when it comes to your wellbeing or those you love. 

Luke is an excellent man, an honest counselor, and a joy to be around, so we look forward to you meeting him. 

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Directive, Relational, Gifted & Sincere

Andrew Koumis LPCI

Professional Counselor Intern

Andrew is one of those people that seems to make sense of things without much effort, making him a skilled communicator and a thoughtful strategist. Both humorous and humble, he brings himself into this work with confidence and care. 

His work is directive yet kind, strategic yet simple, and his curiosity and genuine care for others fuels a relentless pursuit towards healing, change, and growth. 

Andrew can help. We love having him here, and we believe that you will be better for having had the chance to work with him. 


Kind, Precise, Thoughtful & Clear

Chelsea Ziegenhagen BA

Administrative Director & Interior Decorator

Chelsea is the reason the office is so beautiful. We like to say she made the space therapeutic in the way the counselors make the relationships so.


She has been a major part of the success of North Family Counseling, as her attention to detail and willingness to put herself into all she does demonstrate.


Chelsea makes the big picture work, and she is behind the scenes keeping the life and heart of this office alive and well. Anyone who has the pleasure of meeting her know what we are talking about. 


If you ever need a decorator, she helps owners of offices and homes invite warmth and functionality into spaces so that they can be enjoyed as intended.

Detailed, Diligent, Empathetic & Consistent 

Cherise Davis BA

Office Manager, Makes Our NFC World Function

Cherise is an invaluable member of our team, and we could not provide the level of service and care we do without her constant care for the details. 

She makes a connection with each client she engages, and we get consistent feedback that working with her on scheduling, billing, or any other administrative need is a breeze. She has a way of making the mundane enjoyable and simple. 

She frees us all to do what we do best, and keeps the world of North Family Counseling turning so that we can support, care for, and provide for this community. 

We are not sure what we would ever do without her. Give us a call or email to and experience a seamless transition into enjoying the help you have been looking for.