Thoughtful, Determined, Warm & Comforting

Jenny Hazlett MA, LPCC.

Counselor, Ongoing Learner With Unending Commitment

Present, Engaged, Direct & Perceptive

Rory Cohen MA. LMFT.

Marriage & Family Therapist, Able To Deal With The Difficult


Engaging, Honest, Constructive & Clear

Dr. Timothy Heck Ph.D. LMFT.

Marriage & Family Therapist, Directive in All He Does


Genuine, Heartfelt, Present, & Creative

Stacia Littlefield MA, LPCC.

Counselor, Excellent Communicator Who is Authentically Present


Direct, Calm, Honest & Bold

M. Max Ziegenhagen MA, LMFT 

Marriage & Family Therapist, Owner of North Family Counseling


Kind, Precise, Thoughtful & Clear

Chelsea Ziegenhagen BA

Administrative Director & Interior Decorator


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719 - 313 - 5846 Ext. 0