Deciding to address the issues within any relationship is difficult. We are a passionate team of counselors that are dedicated to helping relationships in our community thrive!

You’ve likely spent a great deal of time and energy trying to fix it on your own, but it hasn’t helped. Attempts at conversation turn to fighting. You have the same argument again and again, or you’ve simply stopped talking about what matters.  You may not want to continue to hurt each other, but your communication always seems to break down.

You might have tried to work through a serious betrayal or loss, but neither of you has been able to truly heal.

Maybe you can’t pinpoint the exact moment when you stopped talking honestly to each other. But whatever the reason, you are no longer connected and whole, but rather feel separated and hurt. 

All of us want to know that we are loved, and that we have worth and value in the relationships we are in, but so many of us struggle to experience that reality. It is far from over, but moving from where you are at is a difficult, active and intentional process.


If you are ready to address what is in order to enjoy what could be, we are here to help. We don't like to leave anyone stuck, and we take a very practical and connected approach to helping solve the relational issues you face. 


It will entail addressing the hurt, pain, and difficulty that exists as honestly and completely as possible, but if you believe that doing the hard thing is worth it, you are in the right place.


Take a look below at what others have said and set up your free consultation with someone on staff today. The longer you wait, the more difficult things become. 


"We just needed someone to help us understand where things were going wrong, but always felt like we had been married for years, so we should be able to figure this out. We feel so much closer than we used to, and know that we can understand each other in a new way."

- Couple Needing Direction