Our founder is a family therapist by trade, and one of the few people who continues to do whole family therapy here in the Springs, meaning the whole family is involved in the process to change the system rather than simply dealing with an individual. 

Max is not the only one on staff that works with family dynamics, and from his expertise  and training has taken a special interest in the health and well being of our cities families and all that affects them. The staff receives ongoing training, and each has their own special connection to the family process, either working with sibling dynamics, kids and their place in the system, the parental dynamic, understanding life transitions, and more. 


Family therapy is certainly about providing tools towards change, but it is so much more than that. At North, we seek to help families reattach and truly bond, so that any struggles you face in the future are faced in the security of a newly attached, connected, supportive system. 

Common reasons for seeking family therapy include:

  • When a child is having a problem such as with school, substance abuse, or disordered eating

  • A major trauma or change that impacts the entire family (i.e. relocation to a new house, natural disaster, incarceration of a family member)

  • Unexpected or traumatic loss of a family member

  • Life transitions and adjustments of a non-traumatic nature (new jobe, retirement, new parents, adjusting to extended family, etc.).

  • Adjustment to a new family member in the home (i.e. birth of a sibling, adoption, foster children, a grandparent entering the home)

  • Domestic violence or abuse in the home (sexual, psychological, emotional, or physical)

  • Divorce or couple's conflict

  • Inter-relational family conflict (Parent conflict, siblings not getting along, parent and child conflict, etc). 

Family therapy can be a shorter term treatment approach, since more than one person is present. It allows for things to be dealt with in relationship, and is what we love! 

Set up your families free consultation below, and we will do our absolute best to work with your schedule! 

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"We had no idea our daughter was struggling. Coming here was a God-send, and we are so grateful for Max and his willingness to actually connect and help our daughter where she was at and with us as a whole family to create safety."

- Family Addressing Suicidal ideation