Child & Teen Counseling



As a parent, we want nothing but health and well being of our kids, but sometimes situations occur that we simply can’t “fix” on our own – especially when we are as emotionally-invested in the situation as we are as a parents. That is when it’s best to lean on someone with expertise in the area who can connect with you and your child to evaluate what is going on and provide solutions.

When you notice that your child is struggling or behaving uncharacteristically, that might be a good time to seek counseling for your child is when you . We will work with your child to help manage stress, deal with behavioral problems, or simply develop the tools to engage life in a healthier way. We work collaboratively with parents, and know that the most significant changes occur when the family works together towards something better.


The transitions that take place from childhood to adolescence can cause conflict in any family. Sometimes we simply need someone who knows what to do with our teens to talk to them and help them connect to meaningful values and purpose as they transition to a greater sense of responsibility and freedom. 

Here at North Family Counseling, we love to work with teens individually and families of teenagers to develop honest, thoughtful, and creative solutions to the problems that harm relationships. The honest truth is we simply enjoy teens and their families!


There are a variety of concerns that teens discuss with our counselors. One thing is guaranteed, adolescents will feel understood and taken seriously here at North Family Counseling. 

Wondering if you should consider therapy for your teen?

It might be a good idea, if you have noticed any of the following.

  • Any change in academic performance or motivation with school

  • Difficulty getting along with peers, teachers or coaches

  • Increasing anger, irritability and disrespect

  • Social and emotional isolation

  • Signs of experimentation with drugs, alcohol and/or sex

  • Increased and ongoing tension and arguments with peers or authority figures

What we want most is to see you and your teenager thrive! 

As a parent, it is extremely difficult to see your child struggle in their daily life.

NFC also offers adult individual counseling and family counseling as we understand the pressures and stress that can surface for every member of your family during the teen years. Of course, some conflict is normal and natural – sometimes even a positive sign of independence, critical thinking and negotiation skills.

However, there are some important signs to pay attention to as well, which may indicate bigger issues to address with a professional counselor.

Here are some common issues teenagers face:

  • Substance abuse

  • Over screen use

  • Gaming

  • Changes in mood (depression or anxiety)

  • Concerns about body image

  • Issues with eating

  • Bullying

  • Sexuality concerns

  • Family Conflict

  • Trauma

  • Pressure to achieve or perfectionism

  • Performance based acceptance

  • Mental or physical health problems of family members

Regardless of what brings teenagers into the therapy room, nearly all can benefit from therapy.

There are some things teens prefer not to share with their parents or family members. This can be tough, but having a neutral source of support from a therapist can help them to better think through and solve their problems.

As a result of therapy, they can learn better ways to cope with their stress. They tell us that they feel better when they achieve their goals and feel less stuck, better understood and not judged.

At NFC, we are flexible, compassionate, and truly care about teenagers – so we strive to meet them where they are.

Parent coaching is also offered, helping caregivers of teenagers understand adolescent development, how to set healthy boundaries, tuning into the emotional world of teens and building confidence in parenting.

Would you like to have a conversation about how counseling can help your teenager? Schedule your free consultation below!