Addiction & Habit Change

"The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection" - Johann Hari

We have been taught that if you have behavior you want to change, you need to focus all your effort on stopping bad or unhealthy behavior. We have failed to spend time talking about what it looks like to really develop healthy and lifegiving habits. If you are starving, you may eat out if the garbage. Instead of spending all your time trying to stop eating garbage, it would make the most sense to spend it learning to eat rightly and finding ways to deal with the starvation of unmet needs.

Addiction affects every part of our life, and has often and accurately been described as a radical commitment to escape reality. We are wired to belong and to bond, and when we are feeling in ways we don't know how to process, we often find a way to bond with something that can comfort, calm, or sooth us.

Common Addictions we work with are: 

  • Pornography

  • Sexual behaviors & Masturbation

  • Food & Sweets

  • Exercise & Body Image

  • Alcohol, Marijuana, & other substances 

  • Gaming

  • Screen Use

  • Smart Phone

If you or your loved one is struggling to make sense of your behavior and needs to change current habits, please don't wait any longer to get help. Here at North Family Counseling, we do things differently in this arena. Set up your free consultation to find out more! Check out this video below to learn more about addiction


To be honest, when we first heard of this treatment method, we were sceptical. But the idea of a more holistic and drug free approach to addressing addiction, anxiety, and stress seemed an excellent approach to look into. Acupuncture has been around for centuries, and it's effectiveness has been validated in countless studies. 


Unlike with traditional acupuncture, where practitioners personalize the placement of dozens of needles in points all over the body, with acudetox just five needles go into standardized spots on each ear.

(The NADA protocol is seen as so valuable for soothing stress that the Red Cross funded a pop up acudetox stress reduction clinic in Manhattan after 9/11. More than a thousand treatments were provided.)

“It seems to initiate a balancing process that allows the body to come back into homeostasis more easily. If there is one tool in my toolbox that helps most people most predictably most of the time, this is it,” - Kenneth Carter, a psychiatrist and medical director at SalusCare, a comprehensive behavioral and addiction care provider in Fort Myers, Florida.

Acudetox protocols were developed in 1974 by Dr. Michael Smith. The treatment is an innovative, natural, and drug-free way to support the recovery process. It involves an acupuncture of the ear (auricular acupuncture) in five designated points, and the needles are made of fine gauge stainless steel and sterilized for one-time use. They remain in the ear for 30 to 45 minutes.

Benefits of Acudetox seem to include:

  • Greatly reduced cravings

  • Lower levels of stress

  • Decrease in volatile or inconsistent sleep patterns

  • Better ability to solve problems in daily living

  • Better mental and physical stability

  • Decreased anxiety in and out of therapeutic settings

  • Increased desire to access and participate in available support systems

  • Better attention to and retention of material in counseling sessions

  • Improved social interaction

DeTUR Protocol for EMDR

A specific and specialized type of EMDR therapy used specifically to desensitize urges and triggering related to the addictive process. It is used as a brief treatment method to quickly and effectively change the trigger response process in the body related to addiction, and has been validated by empirical research.

Come in for a consultation to talk further about how we wok with our clients to increase felt sense of freedom, control. and emotional presence in their life.

Check out one of the most viewed TED talks of all time!

"Working with Jenny was a life-changing experience. She helped me navigate through the road to recovery, and provided me with not only encouragement but some real life tools that I could apply to my everyday life."

- Female Recovering from Alcohol Addiction

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